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About Me!

Hello! My name is Tyler and I am a videographer/cinematographer. My love of film production started in elementary school when I discovered Windows Movie Maker on my dad's computer. I made a little birthday video for my dad, and since then, I've been hooked. With a Bachelors in Film and Media production, I have a deep passion for content creation and am always looking to tell the next story. 

My style of film and production comes down to one important key; telling a story. With a background in public speaking and film production, I know just how important communication is. When you communicate, you express a message and story that you want your audience to hear. That's what I am all about. You have a story, and I want to tell it. 

I look forward to creating your content that tells your story. Let's chat! 

Get to know me a little more with this recent blog post from Heather J. Photography 
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